Glass Head

Hi there,

Thank you very much for stopping by today. It’s been an incredible week for me. On Monday afternoon I met a wonderful friend who has been extremely supportive during my breakdown. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you Angela. Thank you.

On Tuesday I gave a talk to The Rifles Battalion of the British Army regarding my journey with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was a an honour to be asked along an to share my experience with them

On Wednesday I gave a talk to Lanarkshire Links/Stigma Free Lanarkshire regarding my journey through life with my traumatic events. I was also privileged to be asked to read 4 poems from my collection called Poems From a Mod: My Journey Through Trauma, Survival and Recovery.

The first of the poems I read is called Glass Head and it describes the discrimination between physical illness and mental illness.

Here is Glass Head:

I’ve repeatedly wished and said
If only i had a glass head
So when i’m unwell
You could look inside and see for yourself my Private Hell

Not wonder what was wrong
When i’m being ‘Silent and Strong’
Then you could see my illness was true
And hope that in future it doesn’t happen to you

Not doubt that i’m unwell
Because unlike broken bones, from the outside you can’t tell
My illness is real despite your ignorance
You need to discover compassion, love and tolerance

When you do you’ll understand what you can’t see
CPTSD and hopefully, why I am me.

Thanks again for stopping by today, it means the world to me.


Belief is all.

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