Black Dog

Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by my blog today, i appreciate it and hope you find my latest blog interesting.

In May of 2018 i wrote a poem called ‘Black Dog’, a phrase that has become synonymous with Depression and was often referred to by Winston Churchill to describe his Depression.

I found the viciousness of the dog easy to write about as at the time my suicidal thoughts and Depression were savaging me alive and i managed to put this into the poem.

I hope you like the poem.

Black Dog

The Black Dog is back with its bite
Chasing me through the day not resting at night
Baring it’s teeth before it devours
My body, mind and soul for hours and hours

Returning to bite with a savage hunger
Not sure if i can hold on much longer
It feels like the pain will last forever
Teeth so sharp they cut like a razor

He bites and snarls and i’m so scared
Inside I scream but can’t be heard
Knowing that i can never run away
As he knows where to find me on any given day

Why does this dog seek me out?
Back for another lengthy bout
For a fight i might never win
Can i really ever defeat him?

I long for the time when this dog becomes my friend
And together we bring this pain to an end
But until the time i become his master
I’m terrified of the next disaster.

Thank You

Belief is everything

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