NYE 2018

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by today, I appreciate it.

I wrote the poem below this morning to commemorate New Years Eve 2018, I hope that you like it.

NYE 2018

It’s the middle of the night and I’m trapped in the mire
Surrounded by the flames of this never ending fire
Each flame scorches me as they rise higher and higher
I’m selling my soul to the highest buyer

No escape from my surroundings
These fears, these monsters…these unexplainable things
They’ve came back and sensed my exhaustion
And dressed in their finest deceiving costumes

I know they’re here to deceive
On this day called New Years Eve
It’s their final attack of 2018
A terrifying reminder of the year thats been

I choose not to look back at the past
But the triggers that are burning me are so vast
They bring me back to the times ruined by him and her
I’m burning in the flames without a fire extinguisher

But the time is always right to do what’s right
Even now as I write this in the middle of the night
I know where I’m going and which path to choose
My strength is in my belief that I will not lose

So I will rise now from their horrors and their screams
And start the battle afresh in 2019
It’s a battle that I will win
By giving it my all and my everything

I know my success is on the horizon
I will have it all and I will win
I believe in my success and my ability
And I’ll keep believing with everything I do and see

I wish everyone a successful New Year
To live in happiness and not in fear
To have a New Year full of smiles and love
And believe in yourself….we are all good enough

Thank you

Belief is everything

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