Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by today, i’m grateful that you chose to look at my blog.

Below is a poem wrote in the early stages of my breakdown, it’s called ‘Ascent’.

It describes the feeling every morning when waking up of trying to get through the day and feeling like you have to climb a mountain just to cope.

I hope you like it and perhaps can even relate to it.


Each day I wake at the foot of the mountain
When all I want to do is drink from life’s fountain
Knowing i’m going to climb through rocks and rubble
Trying to conquer my fears and troubles

Each night I reach the mountains peak
But of my troubles I did not speak
To speak of them would make them real
Then people would judge me and how I feel

The ascent takes all day and night
But inside my head it’s a continual fight
I keep repeating ‘I shall overcome’
But I wish sometimes I had a gun

I’m the world’s best mountaineer
But with each mountain I climb I can’t get nearer
To peace and tranquility
No matter how good my climbing ability

I fear i’ll be found on a mountain side
Half way up with nowhere to hide
All of my traumas fully exposed
And dead from my head to my toes



Belief is everything

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