Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by this cold but beautiful winters day.

The poem I decided to post today is called ‘Solutions’, it’s about trying to cope with life when you have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The first line says ‘focus on the solutions not the problems, this can be incredibly difficult due to the nature of mental illness as by it’s very nature you are incapacitated to deal with anything other than the problems, but there is hope and without hope there is nothing.

I hope you like the poem and can relate to it.

Feel free to provide me with feedback or make contact.


Focus on the solution and not the problem
It’s a great way to think if you can forget them
To not think of the many things gone wrong
But to think of how to fix them and carry on

To be strong and resilient
Takes a level of courage that’s brilliant
To be able to put the past to one side
And to fill yourself with happiness inside

To think of ways how to resolve
And to figure out how to problem solve
The mysteries of how, why and what
And to carry on and never stop

I’ve always seen myself as strong
But now i’ve been proven wrong
All i’ve ever done is just pretend
And eventually it caught up with me in the end

But I will focus on the solution
With the help of friends and institutions
And begin to lead a fulfilling existence
Without the problems causing resistance

Thank You


Belief is everything


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