A Beauty

Morning guys,

Thanks for stopping by today, in Glasgow it’s a cold a wet morning but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel beautiful inside.

I wrote this pome called ‘A Beauty’ last year at the start of my recovery, it was as a result of my realisation that I had an illness that needed specialist treatment rather than the ways that I had dealt with it all of my life.

For around 6 months prior I was in pain, a pain that I had all my life but it had just gotten steadily worse as a result of the traumas I was experiencing, but during this time I managed to write ‘A Beauty’.

So, here it is, i hope you like it, i’m open to any feedback, so please feel free to contact me and lets connect.

A Beauty

A beauty in the sun
A beauty that is second to none
A beauty you can see as far as the eye
A beauty that can’t be denied

A beauty that fills your life
A beauty in the strength of your wife
A beauty without compare
A beauty that can be seen everywhere

A beauty in everyone
A beauty in fathers and sons
A beauty as clear as the crystal waters
A beauty in mothers and daughters

A beauty that is all around
A beauty from the sky to the ground
A beauty that awaits to be found
A beauty in every sound

A beauty that you can’t see but only feel
A beauty that you must believe is real
A beauty in the fire of desire
A beauty in the match that started my fire

A beauty that I must sustain
Through my dark clouds, wind and rain
Through my storms, troubles and my strife
Only then will I see this beauty really is my life

Thank you


Belief is everything!

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