One Way Street

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by today, I appreciate it.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything due to a family bereavement but it feels like the time is right to post my latest poem.

It’s called One Way Street, it’s written under the premise that our lives follow a one way street and that once you’re on that one way street there is no going back…only forward so we should make the most of all the connections that we make in life.

I hope you like it.

One Way Street

Life is a one way street
Connection made with people we meet
Things we do, things we say
Connections made every day

The randomness of life’s events
Connections made are on rent
Life’s events come and go
Connections that we reap and sow

Through the streets of life
Connections made with husbands and wives
Though the street won’t be straight
Connections are what it takes

Sometimes high and sometimes low
Connections that stay and some that go
Red lights and green
Connections felt and some seen

Connections to shout about
Sometimes the road will be lit
Connections that just seem to fit

The road goes forward and not back
Connections so strong but still crack
We travel the road until the light shines red
Connections made that last a lifetime in your heart and in your head.

Thank You


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